Martin Matyus

Ing. Martin Matyus, CMC

Martin Matyus

Initiator and
coordinator of and
Biodanza - Teacher
(currently under supervision)

Memberships and references

  • Biodanza Rolando Toro (BRT) - founding member

Official logo of Biodanza

Biodanza Rolando Toro (new IBF)
Logo Cooperative Scuolatoro, Milan

Engagement and support

Model school Scuolatoro, Milan
Biodanza School Slowenia


  • Biodanza operator / teacher
  • Biodanza tutor
  • Biodanza Teaching Trainer / Ditactic Teacher


Model school Scuolatoro in Milan

Scuolatoro - UNIPIB, Mailand

10th training course (10° Ciclo)

unter der Leidirection bytung von

Eliane Matuk (IT)

Mentoring by

Mima Vitali (CH)

Mentoring agreement valid till


Applications and extensions

  • Biodanza Acquatica (in body-warm water) with Eliane Matuk
  • Biodanza in nature with Eliane Matuk
  • Biodanza in workplaces (for companies and organisations) with Rodrigo Toro
  • Biodanza and gerontology (Biodanza with older people) with Nadja Costa Robin



Dear visitors, I am pleased that you are looking at my profile. Here you can find all information about my Biodanza activities. I hope we will meet personally as soon as possible.
From my 'bread and butter' job I am a management and IT consultant, I joined Biodanza in 2006 in the course of my consulting work and got involved with it.
I started my Biodanza training in 2011 in Milan with Eliane Matuk with the intention of simply wanting to better understand the system. Through many changes in my surroundings and the insights and experiences I have gained during this time, my intention and my decision to dive deeper into the topic has been strengthened.
For me personally, Biodanza is a journey with my colleagues of the 10th cycle at the Scuolatoro, which has fulfilled my thirst for knowledge on the one hand, but also my feelings.
The relation to science and the experience of what is going on is very important for me. I lead regular Biodanza week groups in Vienna.
'Biodanza at workplaces', as well as workshops for companies to improve employee communication and cooperation skills are part of my offer.

Direct connection

Languages: I speak German, English and understand some Italian.
Place of residence: Vienna, Austria
Sphere of action / offers in: Vienna, Austria and Germany, and Bratislava, Slovenia and Italy
Phone/mobile, WhatsApp/Telegram: +43 (676) 608 3308
personal email address:
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Weekly groups and periodic events

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