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Biodanza - A Chance for Me?

Official logo of Biodanza
Official logo of Biodanza
(c) Rolando Toro Araneda

You are searching for your true personality, for a concious and meaningful life, for the evolvement of your potentials; or just want to learn to know yourself better, and harmonize with yourself and the environment?
Are you asking yourself questions like:

  • How do I achieve harmony without analysing and explaining?
  • How do I manage everything and stay content?
  • I don't want to just know about things, how do I also feel about them?
  • I am searching for myself without religion, esotericism or self-discovery verbiage, how do I do this?
  • How do I manage this with guidance but without manipulation and paternalism?
  • ... or are you just questioning yourself and your life?

Can Biodanza be the Answer?

Yes, as Biodanza is:

  • science-based and esteem-oriented,
  • acknowledged and practiced all over the world,
  • full of sensitiveness and empathy.

Weekly groups

With music and movement - alone, in pairs or in the group - you can leave the worries of the everyday life behind you, and be fully in the present.
The exercises and dances do not require any preliminary knowledge or rehearse, and are suitable for participants of each age as well as for disabled persons. Exercises can as well be omitted, there is no pressure to participate or perform.
In the Biodanza-entity (Vivencia) every single exercise is being explained and demonstrated. You can remain fully in the sensitivity for your body and emotions, and downscale the concious thinking.
For a lasting effect, regular practice is necessary, in which you can evolve together with the other participants in order to experience all effects of Biodanza.
Biodanza will help you to harmonize (better) with yourself and your environment.
Biodanza is based on the concept of the implicit learning. It grounds on scientific works and the latest scientific findings.


Education cources for Biodanza as well as specific Biodanza add-ons are offered as workshops, events or block courses. Also Biodanza festivals, Biodanza vacations, etc., are often offered by the Biodanza facilitators - teachers/operators of Biodanza.
Workshops for specific Biodanza applications and add-ons require an additional education of the facilitators.
The education of the facilitators and the training on the specific add-ons can be only conducted in one of the approximately 300 Biodanza schools worldwide.
The basic facilitator education lasts approx. 4 years.
It contents in average monthly compulsory training entities and a range of obligatory seminars as well as compulsory supervision entities, written works, and an examen in front of a comittee.
Speicific add-ons can be learned in additional modules of one to several weekends. Not every biodanza school and every trainer of facilitators is entitled to carry out or the education of particular modules .

International Dates

Biodanza schools and Biodanza facilitators from all over the world are entitled to announce their Biodanza events on

What is Biodanza?

Biodanza is an implicit learning system for integration, natural renewal, emotional relearning, and the relearning of primary life functions.
Biodanza focuses solely on the peoples’ positive potentials, and omits stating behaviour role models. Biodanza can be practicing only in a group, however usually the communication during the vivencia is only non-verbal.

Where does Biodanza originate?

The founder, source of ideas and inspiration of Biodanza is the Chilean teacher and psychologist Mario Rolando Toro Araneda (* 19 April 1924 in Chile, † 16 February 2010 in Chile), who as a scientist (studies in anthropology, biology, medicine, pedagogy, psychology, etc.) has dedicated his whole life to the study of human beings and the search for a better life for each individual and all people.

Applications and extensions

(Basic-) Biodanza is practiced in the group, which normally takes place on a weekly basis, and is structured in such a way that the participants are optimally supported in their developmental steps.
However, specific official applications have also been defined, which essentially follow the same methodology of (basic) Biodanza, but involve some adaptations in the implementation.
Official extensions of (basic) Biodanza correspond to the 'Theoretical Model' of Biodanza, but there have been significant changes in the implementation and partly also in the methodology.
Furthermore, there are possible applications of exercises from Biodanza, which not only change the methodology and implementation, but also the fundamental goals of Biodanza.
For instance:

  • Biodanza on workplaces
  • Biodanza in nature
  • Biodanza in body-warm water
  • Biodanza with children and adolescents
  • Biodanza and gerontology
  • or even:
  • Biodanza exercises at events - to support networking
  • Biodanza exercises in public space - 'flash mob'
  • Exercises to support training for sustainable learning - 'coemo'

Services and tools

for Biodanza schools and Biodanza facilitators

On the one hand, these bring benefits in the (also multilingual) communication with the participants and interested parties, target group oriented advertising and sales of Biodanza events and products
On the other hand, the focus is on the exchange of experience, quality and internal communication.
The costs are deliberately kept very low and serve mainly the operation of or the provision of the respective services.
Of course:
Can you help, participate and contribute your special skills and abilities to! Even though we can't pay any fees for it at the moment and your services are voluntary, we would like to offer you some services for free or at a reduced price.
Services and tools of are partial:

  • Completely free of charge
  • Available for a small periodic fee
  • Activity-dependent costs
  • bzw.
  • Depending on education

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