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Data collection and rules for publication

  1. Biodanza instructors, schools and organizers of Biodanza events, trainings or week groups from all over the world can publish them on
  2. Just register, confirm your e-mail address and log in, fill in the form and send it to us
  3. Unused, incomplete or suspicious registrations will be deleted or blocked without asking, for security reasons
  4. Multilingual publication is possible, please enter information in blocks and clearly identify it by the country code (de, en, en, it, es, pt, fr, nl, si, etc.)
  5. The transmitted information will be adapted for publication by the team, so that it will be displayed correctly
  6. Monolingual events can be changed even after the publication. For multilingual events this is only possible until they are edited by our team. - The team can also (as a paid service) make changes later
  7. The publication is in the name and under the responsibility of the respective organizer and is free of charge. - reserves the right to exclude single events or organizers from publication without giving reasons
  8. By submitting this form you accept the rules and use only texts, pictures and graphics to which you have the rights or which you are allowed to use in connection with this publication
  9. keeps itself free from all damages and lawsuits, especially regarding the violation of rights of third parties

Simple, structured and free of charge

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