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free of charge: Listing on

You get:

  • An entry on the respective country list



Therefore it is necessary that you fill out and send the form, put this product into the shopping cart and carry out the order with registration.

    Name (*)

    Surname (*)


    email address (*)

    We use that address [name].[surname] for display pictures from
    - It is a service from Wordpress please register and upload your photo. Meanwhile we use a placeholder.
    You can get your email alias [name].[surname] free of charge. Please look at Web Shop or at the bottom of this page.


    Link on list to

    To use one of: "Email address" "Web site address" "Phone number" just select.
    To use one of profiles: "" "Profile.platin" "" "Profile.silver" "Profile.calendar" you have to order it.
    You can get your Profile.calendar free of charge, other profiles have a low annual fee. Please look at Web Shop or at the bottom of this page.

    Country-Code where live (*)

    City where you live (*)

    Field of activity - Area where you work (*)

    What is your educations level

    Memberships in organisations
    AIPOBBRTSRTBiodanza AustriaBiodanza.beBiodanza.nlBiodanza.siothers
    Other organisations, please add Name and Link

    Do you have certificates from
    Biodanza ORIGINAL
    Other certificates, please add Name and Link


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