justBD-Ticket: one Vivencia; weekly class with Martin


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[AT] Weekly class with Martin in Vienna  – Registration and Ticket required!

Please book ticket online, you can pay with PayPal or in cash at the venue.

valid for:

Mondays 19:30-21:00 (intermediate) und

Tuesdays 8:30-10:00 (beginner)

Please take a note at booking process: Witch which day you will come and if you need a translation.

How are your experiences with Biodanza?
1.) nop
2.) a little
3.) frequently
4.) in education
5.) with diplom
(take a note at booking process)

That will be very helpful for the organisation and to compose the Vivencias!

We’ll be in time, please come at minimum 15 minutes before.

More informations and appointments: