justBD: Profil.wide on just-biodanza.info


Smart profil on pure-biodanza.info.

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Low annual fee: Biodanza – Instructors can have an justBD_Profi.wide on just-biodanza.info.

you get, the short profile, with:

  • Picture from you (only one face)
  • Your name
  • name.surname@just-biodanza.info (your email adress or your alias)
  • A sentence for your introduction.
  • Mentor: (name and Link on justBD_Profi.wide)
  • Mentoringagreement valid till:
  • One link (to justBD_Profi.widei or link on an other Webside (zB: Facebook-Profil, Linkedin, …)

All text and pictures, witch we get from you, we will bring it online. You need to have all copyrights of them and you have to give use the rights to publish it. Otherwise we will not offer you these posibility!


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